Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How can Home Improvement companies build new relationships and maintain current relationships online and offline

In the age of social media, every business needs both an online and offline component to its community building strategy? Chris Brogan recently sat down with John Doyle, the Director of Technology and Communications at Long Island home improvement company, Alure, to explain how he uses offline opportunities to connect with customers to build upon the company's online relationships. As a community representative and social media speaker, offline gatherings put John Doyle's passion and the company's culture in front of the community. Social media changes how one businesses impact how one keeps relationships going with customers after events.

How Empathy Can Help Your Business Build a Strong Community

Building community trust is good business for home improvement companies like Alure. In this segment, John Doyle, the Director of Technology and Communications at Alure Home Improvements explains to Chris Brogan how empathy towards customers is an essential part of building strong off and online ties within business communities.  As John explains, empathy in online relationships is just as important in offline relationships. For home improvement companies, using social media to respond to negative customer feedback can turn difficult situations into positive ones.

How does Charity and Social Good Happen through Social Media?

What does Alure Home Improvements do through social media to be helpful to its community? In this segment, Chris Brogan and John Doyle, discuss the power of social good and how Alure builds stronger bonds with its community by giving back. Proud to be a publically recognized Long Island home improvement company, Alure is very active in the local community working on and offline with partners to keep local businesses thriving.  Capitalizing on the trust it’s built through on and offline relationships, member of Alure's team like John and President Sal Ferro also look to use social media to motivate its fan base to get behind charitable causes.

What home improvement companies can learn by listening to its customers through social media

Chris Brogan recently sat down with John Doyle to discuss why listening is so critical to Alure Home Improvement's customer relationships. As John describes, every opportunity Alure Home Improvements has to answer a prospective customer question via social media or search, builds the company's reputation in the industry and in its community. On the other side, listening through  social media channels also allows Alure to respond to customer feedback and criticism in public arenas.  Doyle uses specific examples of how Alure has turned customer's attitudes around by simply responding to them in public. In the online world, people are not used to being heard, so it blows them away when they are.

How Home Improvement Company's Can Grow Their Community through Social Media

John Doyle, the Director of Technology and Communications at Long Island home improvement company, Alure,  has used his company's active social media presence to build a robust on and offline community.  By listening and paying attention to what the customers say, Alure has built trust and given community members incentive to advocate for them.  Sitting down with Chris Brogan, Doyle explains that by delivering relevant social media content that takes into account the requests, feedback and frequently asked questions, Alure has positioned itself to be of great use to its rapidly growing community.